scott ross


As a self-taught artist with a background in cognitive psychology, my creative approach explores the relationship between perception and emotion.


Looking at pictures is interesting (and fun!) because it automatically engages us in a process of interpretation as we try to make sense of what we see. However, this process can become complicated when images are unfamiliar, vague, or abstract.


In general, my work is about exploring the nature of seeing and how visual images can evoke emotional responses, even when we don’t fully recognize or understand what we're perceiving.


Thanks for looking, and please contact me with any questions.


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Scott Ross currently resides in rural northeastern Connecticut with his wife, daughter, and dog. He holds an EdM degree in educational psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BA in cognitive psychology from Reed College. In addition to creating images, he sometimes works as a freelance educator, editor, and consultant. He is also an avid musician, brewer, wilderness lover, and gastronome.

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